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FREE Vexor class Crusier fitted for PVE and PVP combat
FREE Venture class Mining Frigate pre-fitted for Ore
FREE Gallente Combat skill plan + additional skills bundle
FREE Additional equipment and ships for having fun
Limited Time Offer!
FREE Vexor class Crusier fitted for PVE and PVP combat
FREE Venture class Mining Frigate pre-fitted for Ore
FREE Gallente Combat skill plan + additional skills bundle
FREE Additional equipment and ships for having fun
We build players into personal empires, not the other way around.

A long time ago, angry men decided new players were the tools for conquest, and were ready to be exploited. Manipulated by fictional narratives, these players would become the cannon fodder for some of New Eden's largest battles. The empire has now risen against the slave trade, and formed a new type of entity, GameTheory.

In the new era of Eve, new players become valuable additions to an ever-growing community of industrialists, loyal members of military, and even strategic commanders. We have ushered in a new generation of players ready to conquer the universe and sculpt it in their own design, free from authoritarian regimes.

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Reimagining career progression, and our contribution to the new player experience
Eve Online has always been known as the game with the long and steep learning curve. It's real time skill training and permanence of death have gained it the title of noobie-killer since the game's inception in 2003. However, this is really just a stigma in 2021, and the reality of Eve Online is that tremendous opportunity exists for players who are willing to step outside of the tutorials and into the real game.  Here at GameTheory, we've been hard at work discerning what we can do, to be most of benefit to the young pilot. The explorer, the miner, the industrialist is in all of us, and the feelings of wonderlust and intrigue are aspects of the game quickly forgotten about in most streamlined career progressions. We've decided to give our players the best possible experience, through the natural pilot progression that we observe players make:1. Start from empire, build a comfort zone and find a community of players2. Move out in search of more valuable resources and content once established3. Plan and build towards longer career goals and group goals Often times, in the search for more resources, richer content, and more available opportunity, quite some freedoms and qualities of life are lost. For example, in the conversion to a standard nullsec alliance way of life, a new pilot might gain tremendous resouce density, but will also be very quickly pushed towards the single most popular training path and often shuffled off into some war or wartorn region to be fodder or an ADM mule for an instable area. Streamlining players towards specific ships and equipment on the path towards usefulness to the alliance or organization is always weighed against individual member goals, and in GameTheory we imagine we can do better. We can both accomplish our goals together; that which you build your personal empire from, can become our military and vice versa. Better decisions can be made to avoid stampeding on player freedoms, and players can find ample resources from the bases GameTheory has already profilerated, which isn't even counting the ones we will conquer together.  Our answer for this ages old puzzle comes in the form of wormhole space. It's dimly lit areas afford an excellent opportunity for training pilots, it's methods teach not only the regular basics of combat like anywhere else, but are also intertwined with strategy, the element of suprise, planning for a unknown, and teamwork as the cornerstone of every successful experience. We believe that knowledge should come before directives, that players should learn to enjoy the natural curiosity this game provides, before being shipped and packaged like meat from the factory. The economic training you will gather on our optional (but structured) tour through wormhole space will give you the tools you need to continue to fund your own empire, wherever that might be in New Eden. The teamwork, pace of gameplay, and integrated PVP will provide you with the correct context also to navigate the universe (especially with the most recent changes).
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Public News
GameTheory launches Metropolis base of operations, promotes economic growth
With many changes to Eve Online, we find ourselves wondering ... what the Hek!? However, this is not one of them. The set of changes that destroyed the highsec connections and birthed Pochven have continued with the new resource allocation patch, mineral distributions have been re-thought, and all production will require inter-region operations either for logsitics or resource extraction. This in turn, demands that large entities have a base of operations in the fertile areas of empire in order to harvest the most basic of resources. This change happens on the tail end of a year absolutely packed with meaningful changes to nullsec space, weakening the gap of power in New Eden between the young and the old. As massive coalitions are brought to their knees, GameTheory has postured to take full advantage of the situation.  Metropolis sits directly on the route between Amarr and Jita, the two largest trade hubs in New Eden, now separated by more than 40 jumps thanks to the removal of Niarja from empire space. Hek and Rens are now positioned to become the next great powerhouse trade hubs, and we're planning on helping the economies around this area to flourish. It's our goal to acquire and maintain several important player support locations (staging locations) and keep them proliferated with markets, reprocessing depots, production facilities, and most impotantly very promote that structures in the area are kept very low on tax. The burden of making the travel to Metropolis will be repaid several fold by the bolstered productivity players will experience, having ample resources, low costs of living, and the choice to market goods where they can be best sold.  Serving internal demand in addition to market demand, our industry players stand to both amplify profit and create new growth potential for the community, as we continue to expand our footprint and conquer new territories for our players. We've chosen this moment to think about synergies between sections of the game, and have elected to utilize several mineral-heavy Capital, Battleship, and Battlecruiser centric doctrines which can both project our force out into New Eden, and also be easily replenished by the thriving economy back home in Metropolis. Seeking objectives for a diverse group of players is what GameTheory is all about.  As we continue to improve the landscape in empire space, players from all walks of the game and in any organization will be free to take part in our accomplishments, as all GameTheory structures are open to the public, free for anyone to benefit from. Additionally, we've installed regularly available public mining fleets, to further encourage productivity. These fleets often roam several jumps from our base in order to take advantage of both Orca boosts and system bonuses from either a Storm effect or the EDENCOM system-wide benefits.  If you would like to grow with us, we encourage you to come say Hello in the GameTheory Community Discord. We're eager to share our excitement for what's ahead. =) gametheory community discord
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Mining & Industry
Production is the heart of every strong entity and we're no different. Besides creating a thriving economy for our youngest players, our industry is of direct benefit to several other arms of our organization. We directly use produced ships, materials, and other necessities from our factories on an ongoing basis.
Wormhole Training
Wormholes are an important part of the movement and logistics toolkit for any pilot in New Eden. For pilots who are interested in PVE Combat, PVP Combat, Industry, or Data/Relic sites, they can be an absolute game changer. Never learned about wormholes or wormhole space before? Let us show you just how easy it can be.
Scanning & Hacking
The bread and butter of new player income streams, Data and Relic sites are one of the most important tools players can grasp in order to elevate skills, increase active funding for other projects, or develop skills that will get later used to aid in group logistics or wormhole deployments.
Blueprint Research
All GameTheory members are eligible to join the Blueprint Processing special interest group, where you will gain access to copy any of over a thousand individual Blueprint Originals, for absolutely no charge at all. Access to our Blueprint Library is included in every GameTheory membership.
Financial Mentoring
Some of our members have been making isk since the first days the game launched, and have been developing methods and concepts that you will use to stay ahead of the curve in terms of; active isk making, investment opportunites, long term financial concepts and strategies, as well as short term group marketing.
Gas Harvesting
Gas Harvesting is the holy grail of new player experience. Pilots who are able to jump from Venture proficiency into Gas Harvesting will quickly realize that they've unlocked top tier income potential on what could very potentially be their first day playing Eve Online. We offer this to our members on a regular basis.
Combat Missions
Combat missions of various types appear all across New Eden, both naturally, and as part of an escalation from other types of PVE. Combat missions are a great way to learn comabt mechanics in a general sense, like damage and tracking, application, speed, tank, fitting concepts, and even group concepts like remote repairers.
PVP Training
PVP is at the heart of every group activity in Eve Online. Either to defend or go on the offensive, every group must eventually swing swords in New Eden. We start our pilots towards a level of understanding sufficient to take part in the best combat, with the highest degree of success, as soon as they're capable of learning them.
Bank Heists
Robbing banks is what this game is all about. GameTheory is poised to take advantage of all new and exciting content in Eve Online, and bank robberies are no different. The best potential isk in the game, combined with the potential for predictable opponents and regular fights make bank robberies one of the most fun activities available.
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Empire Combat Base of Activity
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PVP Training Grounds & Income Generation
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